Spotlight Hobbies

Went back to Glendale today and got the 3rd cat. 3 hours to drive back, multi-car accident on I-10 and another one on US60. Brought most of the kitchen stuff up and some other things also. Cats chased each other around, knocked over a couple of things, crawled into the *PIC*

cabinets, one already threw up on the rug. Guess I'm officially moved in. Now to start sorting the piles I moved. Glad I have that good sized garage and the big laundry room. Think it may have originally been built as a studio apartment. Here's a shot of the laundry-workroom. Finally a place to paint(so I won't be able to use that excuse anymore about not finishing anything). And inside the garage, check out those shelves in the back and the steel cabinets on the side. Think somebody borrowed some stuff from the mines or the smelter toolroom.

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