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Most of you know my 9/11 story, but if you check out your local History Channel, watch "9/11: Escape from the Towers"

This is a documentary that my wife and I were part of. Over a year ago we were contacted by a production company from London
who was in the early stages of a documentary. Somehow, they Googled my wife and saw her stories in various papers and news
reports. They eventually decided to do a story from people on one floor in each of the towers.

My wife worked on the 81st floor of the North Tower - #1 World Trade Center. The other story was a firm on the 77th floor of
the South Tower - #2 WTC. They wanted my point of view being at home and watching the events unfold live on TV and having
no information on my wife after a hurried call at 8:50 AM.

It was tough bringing up memories and actions that I had buried for 17 years, such as getting my wife's toothbrush and hair brush so
the Medical Examiner would have something to compare DNA with any remains. My wife hadn't heard this before....

It was eye-opening for me to hear the perspective other people had of the same events, from watching people jump, seeing burning steel
falling and jet fuel running down the outside of the windows...

Watch it. My wife appears almost at the very end, but her co-workers mention her a lot, as well as a lot of my commentary.

Had no time to post this yesterday as we were running between two 9/11 memorial events and setting up for a watch party for the show.

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