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OT: And so it begins, the build out of my 1:1 58 Bel Air. (PICS) The Whole Story This Time! I hit post too fast!

I got some time last month to actually start work on my car. I had a friend come over and help me pull the front clip and engine out.

It went pretty good, except I had to pull out a top bolt that holds the drivers side fender to the top of the firewall, this will have to be repaired before I can put the nose back on (in many months). I also broke a bottom bolt on the same drivers side that holds the bottom of the fender to the firewall. I might have some rust problems there.

After the front clip came off, this is what I had left. At one time many years ago I had converted the front clip to a flip nose, then I got tired of that and re-converted it to a bolted on fender set. Here you can see the white paint I had the firewall painted with the flip nose and the gold that I repainted it with when I bolted the fenders back in place. I also liked to paint my suspension flat white and am planning to do so again with the new A-arms I have.

After dropping the trans crossmember, it actually took me longer to contemplate taking the engine out than to actually do it! Here she is, the 325hp 396 that me, my dad, and granddad put in it way back in 1980. I will check the cylinder wall specs to see if this will be rebuildable in the future, but for now, I have my sites set on a 502/508hp 4-80 E trans! Picture below from Jegs. It's the complete engine that is shown in the picture, I'll only need to buy oil and an air cleaner!

Many years ago I bought a set of "Chevy Power" chrome valve covers, I sure hope they fit on this 502. I will alno need to get a chrome oil pan from Ecklers to allow this engine to fit better than the old one. The old engine's oil pan set on the frame cross-member so I hope the new chrome one will have a bit more clearance.

Many years ago I bought a set of "Chevy Power" chrome valve covers, I sure hope they fit on this 502.

Next stage is to remove everything from the firewall then clean it and the frame. Firewall will be body color (I'm thinking a purple) while of course the frame will be semi gloss black. I think it will look pretty sharp with the white suspension parts.. On the shelf is a complete new 2" dropped spindle/disc brake combo with an Ididit tilt steering column. Next on my list to buy is new duel master cylinder and brake lines. The fun just never stops eh?

Thanks for following along, I'm pretty pumped just to get this much done this year.

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