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Best of luck!!!! It's a tough road...... *PIC*

We started the resto of our 1966 Mustang back 2015. We had a goal of one year and about $10K. We missed both by a wide margin. The project still has little things like a toggle switch panel to be installed etc to finish. But to get where we are now has taken three years not one, about $20K due to a number of factors, a lawsuit with a shop that did some 'work' and lots of time and effort. A few hints......keep really good may need them, If you outsource any work have a written contract no matter who you are working with. Take a lot of photos....again you may need them...I didn't take enough.
Also a crate motor is a great idea. I've built more engines than I can count. But I bought a ATK HP crate motor from Summit Racing.....WOW...add oil and water and it cranks up, runs nice and is SO easy!! Give ATK motors a look.
Keep us posted!!!

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