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Thank you! I have a two year plan, since I'll be retiring in December. I have a spreadsheet that lists everything I need to buy for it, and a "rebuilding plan" of what needs to be done when, as far as I could tell.

The spread sheet totals to 40K and that does NOT include body work and paint, although I think I'll tackle the painting myself.

However, about 1/2 of that total is the engine/transmission combo plus a new 9 inch Ford rear end (3:70 posi, new axles, and 11" brakes) that is "plug & play" so to speak. It's the "other" stuff, like wiring, all new glass, new interior, new gas tank, brake lines, fuel lines, carpet, insulation, etc. that totals the other half.

I will keep everyone posted with updates as time goes by, however, as you know, this is a bit more time consuming than than building the little ones. :-)

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