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Fun with 57's - Part 4 (PICS)

How about a Revell 57 150 Sedan inspired by the original Revell Box art for the 55 hardtop?

Blue Streak slicks and chrome reverse are from the AMT kit. I have some AMT firestone tires and a set of chrome reverse/baby moons from I think the AMT 51 Chevy kit. I might rethink the front tire/wheel setup though.

Intake, carbs, and valve covers are from the AMT 66 Nova Street Machine. I am going to use the chrome headers from the AMT 55 Nomad/Sedan kit as well. Engine is the Power-Glide equipped 283 from the kit.

I think the color of this will be Tamiya Pearl White while the name will be, of course, Ground Pounder."

Thanks for looking :-)