Spotlight Hobbies

How's about I show you something I started way back in 1983! (PICS)

What we have here is a chopped and channeled full custom AMT 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. I never really meant for this build to be sitting this long. There is a story about t though.

I just added the rear skirts today from the new tool 57 Bel Air. I will sand off the chrome part at the front of the skirt to streamline it a bit.

You noticed that I cut the stock hood in half and molded the front half to the nose. There is a hinge there. While trying to carve out enough fenderwell to allow the hood to hinge, the knife slipped and I sliced my thumb bad enough that I had to go to the emergency room and get six stiches! Well, needless to say this curbed my enthusiasm on this build for many a months..

Eventually I got back into it and decided it needed to be chopped and channeled as well. I need to make an interior for it so that is why I put it away so long ago.

How low is It you ask? Here it is sitting next to a stock height one for comparison.

And here is my gasser I have going, comparing the ride heights between them.

Oh, and the frame doew not touch the ground!

Thanks for looking!