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You know a lot of these people that have this type of vehicle irritate me

you see this guys collection and many others like it around the country and they all have "Big Plans" I'm gonna restore this and all the others they have nothing that is for sale and very little if anything ever gets done. Most say they are preserving automotive history while in reality they are rusting away while people that can and are willing to restore an item are told "no it's not for sale I'm gonna restore it" all the while it's rusting away. Years ago I spotted a 1969 Roadrunner sitting behind a barn I stopped and asked the guy if I could look at it he said sure but its not for sale "I'm gonna restore it" two years later it hadn't moved and still the same story I stopped every couple of years from 1978 to 1997 same story in 1999 I stopped and found out the guy had passed away and the car was gone sold for scrape which I know was probably true because I had watched it rust away over all those years I knew the only real value (If any) left was a 440 4 speed with a blown bottom end. One more lost to I'm Gonna Restore It Someday........

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