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Back on the Bench! AMT 1976 Caprice (PICS)

Hey Guys, I've discovered something. If you work on these things they eventfully get done :-) Almost ready for prime time, (I have to finish the engine and fix the windows) I thought I'd share how much I got done on it today.

When I started this morning I did not have any BMF done and the interior was all white. Now I have the interior painted with Testors' Napoleonic violet and with Ken's fuzzy fur on the carpet area. All the BMF is done, and all the scripting has been painted. Tomorrow I'll finish this one up, making 2 completed this year.

Oh, BTW, I started this one when Round 2 released this kit as a pro shop back in the early 2000s, so I've been working on this one for over 10 years,

Thankfor looking, all comments welcomed!

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