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Resurrecting a long neglected model, 1965 Pontiac 2 + 2 (PICS)

This one has history :-) I bought it back in 1989 or so, it was originally red. Well, I did not like the red so off it went to a bath and I painted it with Testors' enamel green. That did not suit me either as it turned out not to be a good paint job. Into the bath it went again. When it came out, I noticed the broken window frame and decided to start on a new kit (the green one I posted a few days ago).

Yesterday I was looking at all my Pontiac stuff and realized I could bring this one back, so that's what I'm going to do. Color is up in the air right now but it will have the open wheels shown, (these are from the AMT 62 BelAir kit) and the poverty caps from the AMT 62 kit. I am also going to sand off the "gills" on the front fender.

Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed!

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