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Truth is Bob, I don't expect to ever see a new kit of a boat tail Riviera. They were featured in a couple movies, Fletch and The last Boy Scout come to mind right off the top of my head but nothing that was popular enough to warrant a model kit promotion. , But then again,

who'd ever have thought 15 years ago we'd have a bunch of Hudson kits .

BUT, then again, if you followed Mobeus' strategy of releasing kits with slight changes to do different years of a car [or Ford pickups] as different years there's 3 kits right there, Then you could release low rider versions.

Even if you release one year stock and the next as a low rider it could work out good. A separate trunk lid would be necessary as each year has a different lid, grille and tail light lenses. Nice to have an opening trunk lid for the low rider version to show off the equipment inside. The '73 would have the most changes as both front and back bumper and light treatments are completely different to the two previous years. Then, of coarse there's the interiors. '71 and '72 dash and seats are pretty well identical with '73 different. Then there's the standard interior vs. deluxe interior. I'd make either the '71 or '72 a low rider because they are so close looking vs the '73

I'd say there's enough differences that if they can get a bunch of different kits from one basic Ford pickup by mixing and matching parts, they could get at least 3 different boat tail Riviera kits.

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