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My other Novas I have going on (PICS)

I guess the new 68 Chevelle kit has got me revved up to get these together as well! These have only been sitting on the bench since 2014, plenty of time for them to age :-)

My latest plan for wheels for the SS 396 that will be Tamiya Metallic green. The wheels are from the Lindberg (now AMT) 66 Chevelle kit.

I do like those aluminum heads don't I?

What is funny, is I did not have to do any modifications to this engine to get the Air Cleaner to fit under the hood like I did with the Yenko version. Not sure why.

Next is my "Z/28" Cross ram, header equipped and chambered exhausted Nova. I wanted to use the stock hood but the carbs would not fit so I had to use the cowl induction one.

Aluminum heads again? Sure why not :-)

And of course. the Yenko SYC Nova

Thanks for looking.

All comments welcomed!