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Re: Dodge D-50 Navy Pickup--I've got one of those kits to do an ARMY version of the same truck. The Army switched to a LIGHT green in 1982 that was similar to a '79 Buick color.
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Got what I thought was the right color, but haven't finished it. If the Army had stayed with its pre-'81 dark green for fleet vehicles, I'd have that color, too!
I had the same issue with the wheels, but I had decided to use FOUR spare tires instead of scrounging for a decent set of four-lugs. The "Black Widow" solution does look good, though.
Dad's truck was an '86, so the grill is a little different. It "replaced" an '82 Dodge Rampage (1.7L 4!). The truck that replaced the Ram 50 was a new 'Candy Apple Red' (Chevy's official name for that non-candy, but metallic color) '88 Chevy S-10 (the Fed's GSA took over the administrative fleet from the Pentagon, and just ordered regular vehicles "off the shelf" instead of dealing with the military branch's special colors and three-option buying (nothing beyond auto trans, air con, and AM radio!)

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