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I have a small Yamaha finished too! First build for the year!

I finished building and painting the Yamaha Beluga/Riva 80 scooter that came in Tamiya's old Toyota Soarer kit from around '82 or so. The Soarer was built to replicate a cover car from Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car. This car in fact:

And here is the model of it:

The Beluga scooter model was comprised of about seven parts, two of which I lost, the kickstand and license plate. No biggie, I still had the important parts to build the scooter. So without further ado, here is the little scooter:
First, a pic of the actual thing:

A couple of in-progress pics:

And the finished model:

Paint color is Tamiya Mica Red over grey primer. I used a silver Sharpie marker for the wheels after painting the tires with black primer. The orange and red lights were also done with Sharpies and the headlamp was done with a Molotow pen. A fun little project that should have been done years ago instead of sitting on my workbench for the last almost five years. Thanks for looking and enjoy your evening.
Bob Kremer

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