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Crazy idea - but - could you actually pinstripe this with a long (tiny) brush and One-Shot?

I have a dead-in-the water, 95% complete, Tenth Anniversary Trans Am Wagon that lacks only for the striping to be considered complete.

Kind of a killer, because it is the best silver paint I ever laid down, the two-tone gray was a dead match to the 'chicken' and the red interior pops like crazy (yes, I know the 1:1 was oyster...) The kit stripes are very difficult to manage.

Have wondered for some time if there isn't a way to pull an ultra-thin stripe to finish it off - I doubt the skills are there for me, but that doesn't mean someone with Superman X-Ray vision and mad skills couldn't do it.

Then again, I might just bag the whole stupid stripe thing and just finish it off.


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