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Re: All the stripes (hood, dust trails, trunklid) were optional. A friend and co-worker ordered a new RR in Aug. of 70......

At that time, the hood stripe was an option he did not want.
The trunk stripe came from the factory, could not be removed without taking paint with it.

The stealership wanted $150 to install the dust trails down each side, so he passed.

He opted for purple paint, 15" F60x15 tires, they came with steel wheels and derby caps, black interior, bucket seats, (no console), 4 speed, AM radio, manual steering and brakes, 410 Dana rear gear with posi. It came thru with an extra leaf on the right rear spring.

We immediately added Appliance wheels, all the local rage, 15X8.5 rear with L60X15s, 15X7 front, dropped the front torsion cars a coupla inches for even more rake. We felt the car came from the factory sitting too hi in front.

A little timing and carb work, this 383 would give 440/6 paks a run for the $$. 440/4bbl were no problem.

He sold it in 74 to buy a Vette.

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