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Computer Crash

I hate this my computer is 2 1/2 years old and I got the blue screen of death. What is most irritating is I make a monthly payments to GEEK SQUAD to $160.00 per year for Tech support which is phone, online, or if needed in the store well it had to go to the store because it would not open the internet. so I took the computer and my external hard-drive (5TB and 2 years old). Well my external unit is a brand they do not support (I bought it from Tiger Direct $200.00) and to have them recover the data from the computer is work not covered in my agreement $100.00 plus I have to buy anther external had drive from them $169.00 for a smaller one, one like mine was $299.00, they had to reload Windows 10 because of a corrupt download from Microsoft that screwed up the system and caused the crash all together I had to pay $430.00 because GEEK SQUAD (Best Buy) has a scam going and Microsoft screwed up my computer with there update....

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