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OK, while Model T Fords had no foot throttle......

....making do with a throttle lever on the right hand side of the steering column and the spark advance on the left of the column, Model T had no foot throttle, the driver's feet being quite busy with the three pedals that controlled the transmission (Model T's "service brake" was the center of the three pedals), with the introduction of the Model A in December 1927 saw Ford go to a conventional sliding gear transmission with a shift lever in the middle of the floorboard, the choke rod and fuel mixture control remained on the right hand side, below the gas tank (which on Model A was in the cowling), for 1932, the early Model B 4cyl cars still had a manual choke pull rod underneath the dash panel on the right side, but but no hand throttle anymore. Also, the introduction of the V8 meant that most 32 Fords were built as 8-cylinder cars, The Model B 4cyl being relegated to trucks, from pickups to 1.5 ton trucks, as an option (the last 4-cyl Model B cars came off the assembly lines in the US in the spring of 1932). Also, the manual spark advance disappeared at Ford in 1932, with their adoption of automatic spark advance distributors. Ford, as with most other carmakers, kept the gearshift on the floor for several years, finally going to a column shift in 1939. This was very much in line with the rest of the US auto industry as well.

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