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Some pop psychologists might guess your incredible dexterity in model making and lack thereof in handwriting is a subconscious rebellion against your father's high expectations and insistence on your mastering handwriting. But who could really know? If he is no longer

around perhaps you might now think of handwriting as copying intricate pin striping (or "pen"striping) designs as manual physical recovery therapy from your mild stroke?

Art, I can relate to some of what you said. My dad also had beautiful handwriting - for example: our church got him to write the names of the graduating student recipients in Bibles from the church. My handwriting used to be pretty good, but not like his. It deteriorated initially from rapid note taking in high school and college and even more later through the years and whenever I now "write" hurriedly it is in a combination of scribbled cursive and sloppy all caps printing, lol. However, dad never really pushed me to perfect my handwriting.

I started this post intending just a little mutual teasing about our handwriting styles but as I went along it dawned on me that handwriting as physical therapy might have a slender thread of sense to it. Read it as friendly teasing and a laugh on pop psychology, but if it rings a faint bell maybe it is worth a try?

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