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Charger Updates, and a couple of new ones (PICS)

Sublime 69

Interior almost complete I still need to redo one door panel.

Waiting for the set of rally wheels and T/A tires from Fireball Modelworks for it.

Panther Pink 70

After lots of trials, I have a finish I can be happy with.

I'm waiting for the six pack setup from Fireball model works for this one.

1970 Fast & Furious Charger

I found a set of really wide treaded tires that would fit the kit wheels. I only had to use some #14 spacers from an MRC tire pack between the rear axle and brake plates to get them to fit without rubbing the springs.

I'm actually going to have some fun with this one, as I have a 68 tail light panel and interior to put in it. So it will be a 68 Charger with a 70 nose. I will paint this one Go Mango with a black interior, like the 74 Road Runner I just rebuilt. It will have full exhaust so it will be a street car instead of a drag car.

AMT 71 Dodge Charger

Front and rear bumpers and bucket seat/console set from Harts resin, a set of AMT redline tires, and some rims from an AMT 69 GTX/Road Runner kit. Color will be Testors' Plum Crazy with a white interior. This one is also going to have a 440 six pack in it. Just how I would have loved to have bought one in 71 if I could have!

I may have went a bit nuts here eh?

Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed!

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