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Re: I don't know squat on patrol cars but my '70 Barracuda

was a 225 six and topped out at 95 mph, I know that the unmarked Mustang state trooper who pulled me over on the unfinished I-10 just outside of Baton Rouge chewed me up for having to do 110 to pull alongside and show his badge. I was very polite and he said if I promised to obey all speed limits on the rest of my trip home, he would not ticket me! I did not even do any "second gear stops "at stop signs for the rest of my trip home. He said if he were not on an emergency run to the State capitol I would be leaving my car and going with him. I assured him he had put the fear of God into me and I would drive very carefully the rest of my trip home. He continued on and so did I obeying every road sign very carefully.

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