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Hey Jim. You're missing a page there. I have that flier too, so here's the missing page. NOTES: The '60 T-Bird was only reissued as the convert. The '63 T-Bird hardtop "Tequila Mockingbird" was a unique issue, as it used the promo tool with...*PIC*

...hood molded in place and no engine. The Ranchero was a '61, not '62 as noted on the flier and box. Also note that the '32 Ford phaeton is shown with side mount spares, but, of course, was never issued that way.

Unfortunately, this would be the last we'd ever see of the '60 Pontiac craftsman, '60 T-Bird, '60 Merc and '62 Ford, as the "great housecleaning" followed shortly after these late '60's kits.

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