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Did the AMT 39 Ford hood in the AMT 39-40 Ford sedan kit ever have all the trim? *PIC*

This is the hood from the 39 Ford project I'm currently working on, yes, it's already had one bodged paint job. I decided to take a pic while it still had some paint left on it to make the detail easier to be seen. You can see it only has the one chrome strip on the side while the hood on the actual 39 Ford in the picture has 2 chrome strips plus Ford Deluxe scripts. Were the early issues of this kit ever correct or is this how it's always been?
The 40 Ford standard is completely different as shown by the excellent Revell kit, I'm just wondering if a correct 39 Ford can be built without adding trim to the optional 39 hood in the kit. It at least has the correct 39 Ford tail lights as well.

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