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I got Really sick.......... *LINK*

Just letting all my friends know what's going on with me. Not looking for sympathy as I am blessed in multiple ways. Thursday I went from fine to being septic and almost no blood pressure in a matter of hours. As I said I am blessed in that my wife is a great RN and got me to the hospital. This was her hospital which is a 10 bed place were they just get you stabilized. By that night I was out of it but this is part of why I am posting this note. There was a delay in finding me a hospital that could help me. Bigger hospitals in the region had no 'open beds'. One hospital happened to be the one my son in law is a radiology tech. When they refused me my wife called him to see what was going on.....this is a 400 bed hospital. They had closed 100 beds due to inability to staff them!. They weren't 'full'....just no staff to run the place. This happened a few times before they found a hospital to take me. Long story short after a long ambulance ride I am pretty good, stable but am fighting a few things they found.

Part of the purpose of all this is health care is in ICU and no one left or right is talking about it, It's about to become a issue that will affect us all. All these folks talk about free care for all don't address if the care will be there at all. I really worry that it will look like care in the movie ';Idiocracy';.......scary.
Thanks all!!!! still hanging in there...ways to go....

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