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Traveloge with a lot of train and structure photos: 2010-09-09_19 AZ OKLA, wow that's been awhile. *LINK* *PIC*

Heading east up Abo Grade in NM

Vaughn NM depot still used as a storage and housing for section workers.

Hereford TX bet you can't guess their 2 main businesses.

Madam Queen in Amarillo

Drug store Pampa TX that Woody Guthrie worked at as he was on his way from Oklahoma to California.

Home town in Oklahoma

Marmon truck w low loader trailer

Has been in a couple of books, had friends that worked there in high school. Hope they will restore it. Last time I was there the fire department was using it for storage.

Clovis, NM Have never been there when it was open and was always needed to keep moving.

Had to stop here and pay my respects. Rock On!

Melrose, NM train heading east.

Middle of nowhere in New Mexico.

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