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Well, yes since you mention it today is Wednesday. That means that it's that one special day of the week for Stream of Consciousness. It's your mid-weekly funnel cake of miscellany. *LINK*

White Winged dove

I was born on this date.

Today is actually my birthday.

No, I'm not kidding. It really is my birthday today.

A recent lunch of mine. Gumbo in a bread bowl!

I was born on this date at 8:40 pm. That's 7:40 CDT here.

My granddaughter Lyla

I hope you've enjoyed this week's Stream.

Stream of Consciousness is presented strictly for entertainment purposes.

All photos are from my Master Files and I have no information on their original sources.

If you want to take credit for any of them then go ahead.

For a musical interlude click on the link.


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