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HELLO BOYZOS.... About NNL North, Had a great time both at dinner the night before w/ the boyz and Sunday show/swap. WON and absolute unexpected award with a car I haven't shown in 10yrs. PICS and thanks for looking

I built this I know at least 10yrs ago. Filling my boxes because I had to fill a space I decided to take this Vette to fit in front of the Bugatti (it's really long and the Vette is short).
I built this for a couple of reasons, first and foremost I like Vette's and my first one was a blue 68 BB, second is I like Jim Garner ( Rockford Files which drove this car). I really liked building this, had I known it was going to come so nice I would have detailed the engine compartment so I built it out of the box except the press-on letters on the tires and the decals (I was asked several times who made the decals but I just don't remember).
I wish Revell would have done something else with the headlights, they are kind of cheesy. Sorry I didn't notice the roof is on crooked.

 photo 100_8025_zpsrckhykyu.jpg
 photo 100_8023_zpsbjkdatrj.jpg
 photo 100_8022_zpsqozf9mok.jpg
 photo 100_8021_zpsjdiqnjvf.jpg

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