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2017-10-28 Sanderson Ford Deuce Day Small show not enough stock 32's to make me real happy. It was nice that they were several Model B's there like this 5 window coupe. *LINK* *PIC*

Not stock, but at least vintage, car ran at Bonneville in 1954.

B station wagon non restored.

detail to add to AMT's phaeton. I was told by Dick Stritchfield that AMT used his car for reference and it was one the first (if not the first) Australian bodies that was brought over. They have a solid stamping for the back instead of a separate piece like the American one and no one caught it for years. I met him at one of the early Knott's Ford shows were he was there with his Ford Jeep (GPW) which is were I found out that Ford also build them in WW2. Thus beginning my education that Ford built lots of things besides cars, trucks and tractors.

Plymouth 1939 coupe, body is close enough to the 41 that it shows me a lot that needs to be corrected on the AMT kit.

Think this is a Whizzer, forgot to write it down and can't read the badge on the tank.

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