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Sure is amazing what Round 2 has come up with so far, but I don't hold out much hope for old annuals. I am well aware . . .

. . . that many molds were changed each year to reflect the new model year. But, some are "end of the run" molds. We know many old annual "end of the run" molds like the 1964 Mercury Marauder is still with us, as is the 1966 Mercury Park Lane. That also explains why others like the 1972 Chevy PU is still with us, as is the 1976 Caprice, the 1969 Galaxie, 1965 Lincoln, 1965 Grand Prix, 1964 Galaxie, and (surprise!) the 1959 Imperial, among others. I am also well aware that many old annual molds were "trashed," for one reason or another, some by making "Saturday night circle track racers" out of them, like the 1966 Skylark, and 1965 Olds 88. Having said all that, dare I hope for more "end of the run molds" to still exist, say . . . like the 1964 Wildcat still having enough of the original mold left to it to make it worth Round 2's investment to be able to be reissue it? And what happened to the 1969 Lincoln, or the 1968 Impala?

Anyway, thanks for reading my ramblings! Here's to Round 2!! May they be most successful in all their modeling endeavors!

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