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Thank you, Steve, for your reply . . .

. . . I didn't know that about the '72 Chevy PU. You bring up an interesting point for me, that being, what other annual models could be released by cobbling together pieces that are used in current models, like the old Johan Golden Oldies. As for the "New for 1968" AMT Impala, it was nothing but an abomination of their 1967 Impala annual kit. AMT lost the promo business for the Impala for 1968 to MPC. As to where it is now, is anybody's guess, but since AMT created a new 1967 Impala kit, I am guessing the dumpster, although I believe the chassis and engine are under the current AMT 1970 Impala. I remember not reading the "fine print" on the "New for 1968" Impala boxtop, and blowing my hard-earned $2.00 on it. I still hold a grudge! HA!

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