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The crome on the bumpers and grill on my '70 Challenger was bad. So after stripping it I shot a coat of Tamiya gray primer. Then today I airbrushed some Molotov chrome on them..... *PIC*

I am VERY happy with the results. I watched a few video's on You Tube on how to do it first. You do need to put it on a little 'wet'. Not enough to run but it does need to be wet for the shine to happen. One video said to lay down a coat of black first but I decided not to. Might have to try that the next time to compare. I opened a pen up (I couldn't find a local source for the refill) and poured it into the airbrush bottle. I do not have a gravity feed airbrush but I think it would work better. Less waste with the gravity feed. The shine is a bit 'softer' than vacuum plating but it works for me!

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