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The '48 Dodge pic in your link is similar to one my grandpa had when I was a little kid. I'm not sure of the exact year ('48-'53 style) or if it was a long bed, but it sure seemed big and long to me at the time. His was a very faded red and a real work truck since he traded *PIC*

cattle and had big old beat up open "jailhouse bars" style tandem trailer to go with it, lol. It was great fun to get to go riding to sale barns and pastures with him. He would drive that oId Dodge anywhere he wanted to go out in the field checking on the cattle, banging and crashing around regardless of terrrain, lol. I loved and admired him immensely. He was a big hearted, outgoing, well liked and honest man whose word was his bond.

I wish someone would produce a kit or a resin conversion for that style Dodge. The heavier ones like his had the wheels like the one in this pic. The rams head hood ornament was on a fixed center panel the opening sides were hinged to. The truck even had "cruise control" - a pull out handle on the dash that I think was a manual choke (?), lol.

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