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When talking about potential kits with Tom Walsh and Tom Haverland in a meeting around 1994, I suggested the '72 Chevy or GMC Fleetside pickup, and mentioned that they should have both the AMT and MPC tools. I noted, too,...

...that the MPC tool was created by AMT for the '67 pickup but went to MPC in '68, and so the new AMT tool in '69 was actually just a second AMT tool, and that they may be somewhat interchangeable. They found that neither tool could be easily used, but lo and behold, they were able to make a '72 Fleetside by combining the two, and issued it the following year. I most certainly did not mean for them to take away the ability to run the '72 GMC stepside in the process, but they said that was the only way they could make it work.

I have to believe the parts of the tool needed to make the GMC Stepside still exist, and that just something needs to be recreated for it to be run again. Note I said "recreated," not "altered back," because now we certainly wouldn't want to lose the Fleetside in the process.

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