Spotlight Hobbies

I didn't have computer access yesterday so here is my only 1969 model. One of my personal favorites.

This is a build that I call "That '70s Nova". It's built from the COPO and SS Revell Nova kits plus some items from other kits.

The concept was to build a Nova along the lines of the ones I saw on the roads in central Kentucky in the early to mid 1970s.This isn't a replica of any one particular car but just a composite of various typical elements.

To round out the basic look of the car I photo-reduced a period license plate and inspection sticker for the windshield plus added a horse and rider front plate like I saw so many of at one time.

During the build I tried some techniques and procedures that I had never tried before and am glad that I did so. I really pushed myself on this project and achieved all of the initial project goals plus a few additional ones that I added along the way.

I hope you like it.