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1970... not a lot from me! PIX

No doubt I have a bunch of unbuilt kits, and maybe even some old built ups I hadn't photographed. But Here's all I have in the old built up collection...

1970 and 1971 Chevys. The black one is the '71. While my favorite year for these was the '69, I'm very familiar with both the 70 and 71, as we had those in my family. In 1972 my father brought home a bare bones '71 Belair 4 door sedan in that awful light green. He bought it from Hertz. Then around 1976 a lady in my father's office wanted to sell her 1970 Impala coupe. So my dad bought that one, which I took and drove every chance I got. I eventually sold it because the 350 drank more gas than I could afford!

And a 1970 Buick Wildcat

And that's all I got!

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