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Mopar to ya! A return to two of my long term projects-Project Coronet Blue and Project Pro-6.

Lately I've had a few other models on the workbench while Coronet Blue and Pro-6 have been on hiatus. While giving those projects a rest I've brought these two B-body Mopars out of their storage tubs for some overdue work.

For the benefit of those who don't know, don't remember or never saw the previous installments Coronet Blue is a rather complex project that consists of two bodies with interiors that are meant to fit over multiple different style chassis. Today I dug out the second 1970 Dodge Coronet body and finished the bodywork on it so I could finally start primering it. I still haven't decided on the actual body color yet but I wanted to at least get it in primer. Body-2 (like Body-1) is from the reissue of the AMT (originally MPC) 1970 Dodge Coronet. Body-2 differs from Body-1 by using the plain hood and a resin aftermarket taillight insert. Body-2 will have the chromed bumpers/grille although the body has been relieved of the door handles, badges, front turn signals and the side marker lights as has Body-1.

This is Body-1 on Chassis-2 which is a straightforward Pro Street chassis. As can be seen Body-1 was painted in a strictly monochrome style and uses the pitchfork hood.

Much more to do but it's progress.

Project Pro-6 is a build which uses the body and related parts from the USA Oldies reissue of the Jo-Han 1969 Road Runner kit. The concept is to use the Pro Street interior and chassis from the various AMT 1968 and 1969 Plymouth Road Runner kits. The engine is taken from the AMT XR-6 and is a hot rodded slant 6. It is to be painted in a monochromatic style hence the fact that the bumpers have been stripped of chrome and have been installed on the body.

Today I started back on the body by eliminating the side marker lights and filling the back-up lights in the rear bumper. This is in final preparation for primer. The interior has been finished for months but the chassis is still in progress.

This is the interior but since this photo was taken the painting has been finished.

In order for the hood to fit the body properly with the AMT underhood panels I had to make up some support pieces out of 15 mil styrene strip.

Since this photo was taken I have finished making the necessary alterations to allow the underhood doghouse panels to fit with the chassis and the body. I am planning to use the kit-provided custom front grille and the custom taillights.

No question Project Pro-6 has been very labor intensive. Just making the Jo-Han body and the AMT interior and chassis play together has been anything but simple and has involved a lot of sanding and finessing. It's not going to be finished any time soon but it's getting there.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've been up to the last few days.

Thanks for looking and have a great Tuesday,


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