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What I've been working on recently... (PICS)

The summer days are long in the yard, with weeds to pull and grass to cut, so I have not had time to post on the board recently. Here is a quick update to let you all know that I am still doing some time on the bench :-).

AMT 78 Ford "Super Stones" truck

Built with the four wheel drive option, I was having problems with the kit wheels fitting the tires so I decided to use an old set of the deep dish chrome reverse from the AMT 72 Blazer kit, I am going to use the spare set of hubcaps from the Moebius 66 Flare side kit to hide the six lug center :-)

AMT 1960 Chevrolet Apache Step side

Using the bed from Revell's 65 step side for this build. I'm thinking of some open wheels from the Revell 57 Chevy 150 kit for this one. This one might get a 409 in the engine bay since I want the L6 for a Revell 57 Chevy build.

AMT 1960 Chevrolet Apache Fleet side

Original issue of this kit, I stole the engine for a 62 Bel Air build that was never done. I might put a 283 in this one.

AMT 1977 Ford Econoline Van, "Phantom"

A few years back I picked up a couple of these kits for $5 each. I was going to use one as the frame for the Model King Camper but never actually got around to modifying it. The other one I decided to build as the box cover car. Painted Tamiya semi gloss black with Tamiya gold on the wheels.

This will be some shade of blue.

I have the frames built on those two as well, just no pictures of them.

MPC 1978 Dodge D-100 with camper

My original plan for this kit was to build it without the hubcaps so I found a set of Chrysler front wheels from my parts box for it. Then I started to play around with the camper and came up with this...

Tires are two sets of the Firestone tires from the AMT 65 El Camino while the wheels are from the spare phantom van kit,

MPC 1986 "Choo-Choo" El Camino

Got this on clearance a couple days ago so thought I'd get it together. Painted Tamiya TS-38 Gun Metal.

Also on the bench I have another 71 Duster that I will be using the tires, wheels, and hubcaps from the 78 Dodge pickup on along with the slant six from the Lindberg 64 Plymouth. The 72 Jeep Commando is still waiting for me to finish removing all the trim that needs to be gone. I have a 70 Challenger I'm putting a Revell 440 six pack engine in, the 68, 70, and 71 Chargers need to be finished, along with the 340 & 440 six pack 71 Dusters, there are two 61 Pontiacs and a 62 Catalina that needs some attention, a few 70 Novas that need finished, about six 57 Chevys, and a buch of 55 & 57 Chevy pickups. Lots of work ahead for me!

Thanks for looking!

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