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My broken leg's coming along fine. I just saw the doc and he said all looks good. I can walk limited distances without the walker now with just slight pain and a slight limp, but it keeps getting better. So, the doc scheduled the surgery…*PIC*

…to put a rod in my right femur on Sept 25. He said it'll be a lot easier than the other leg because the leg's not broken to start with, and it'll be done as outpatient surgery. I'll spend a few days at my daughter's, and then come home. Of course, I'll be back to the walker and starting over with physical thereapy, but I'm really looking forward to getting it all over with.

I drove the '32 Ford to my physical therapy workout the other day but it's still hard to press the brake pedal down, as the pedal is pretty high and on the left side of the steering column, and it has manual brakes so it takes a lot more pressure to stop. But at least I can do it. Actually, I drove my '67 Volkswagen around a bit a couple days ago too, and the clutch pedal is still a challenge, but I can do it. And once the right leg is done, all I'll have to do with it is mash the gas!

Here's a before and after example of a break like mine and what the rod looks like.

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