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NOW YOU KNOW WHY I NEEDED THE 66 BIG BLOCK HOOD..... I wanted to build this car for a long time, now I have the decals and the hardtop but the wrong car. I'm making it right. PICS and thanks for looking

I've wanted to build this but 65-66 Vette's are a bit of a challenge to find let a lone pricey. I recently got a junk 66 body that I was going to build a custom Vett but since going through a lot of pictures looking for SCCA cars gave me the idea to cut the louvers out of that junk body and replacing a parts box 63 Vett. I found a custom hood in my parts box and it so happen to be a 66 BB hood ( I'm filling the hood louvers to make the correct hood ).
Here is the start of that cutting up, I have the correct interior from the 66 Vett so I have the correct seat pattern. What I'll do is shave off the emblems and use some decals I have to look like the 66 script. The rockers are grooved on the 63 and flat on the 66 so I'll just sand them down.

 photo 761c9b7d70c38e21e9f6408583f1ea12_zpsdtnxykkr.jpg
 photo 100_8168_zpsdcjhzjt7.jpg
 photo 100_8167_zps1lt7cgvi.jpg

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