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An introduction to Project Slade and some father/grandfather stuff. Check it out.

Project Slade is a mild street build based on the Revell 2002 Cadillac Escalade kit. This is actually something I started preliminary work on several years ago but never really got that far.

I don't like working features on my models so I glued the rear hatch closed. This wasn't a easy as it might sound as the rear is just this big open and largely unsupported hole. I had to glue it in stages to get it all aligned.

I have glued the interior and chassis together as a unit to be painted all in flat black for simplicity. The interior is not a focal point of the model anyway.

I have filled the holes for the roof modular antennas and have eliminated the raised ribs on the roof for a smoother look. Since this photo was taken I have also started filling the holes for the roof rails.

I have taken the kit's custom grille and have sanded it smooth again for a smoother overall look to the model.

No colors have been chosen for the exterior.

Much more to do but it's a start.

My daughter's new ride. 2019 Hyundai Elantra. It seems pretty nice and it meets her needs.

My granddaughter Lyla and I. She's such a sweet and well behaved little girl. I really love her so much.

My daughter and I. She is a very hard working single mom who is now a manager at work.

Thanks for looking in and have a good Tuesday!


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