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Re: The "Gas Station" *PIC*

If you do remember back then, you would also remember they were not just GAS stations back then. They were SERVICE Stations - gas, oil check, tire pressure check, cleaned windshield, some even vacuumed the floor mats, oil and filter changes available, lube suspension zerks, anti-freeze (now coolant) & wiper blades & batteries available, brake shoes, headlight replacements and aiming, sometimes flats fixed, new tires available, tires balanced and/or rotated, minor tune ups - plugs, points, and timing, other minor mechanical work in the SERVICE bays, etc. The really big ones sometimes had mufflers, too. LOL!!! It was almost like making a slow pit stop with a whole crew approaching your car when you pulled in! Many even had signs - "Mechanic On Duty"! Of course, back then cars were less complex yet actually needed much more frequent servicing than they do these days. A lot of my generation got our first taste of auto mechanical matters in those service stations.

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