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AMT White Freightliner Dual Drive

Here's a winter-spring build - the AMT 7th Anniversary White-Freightliner Dual Drive. I went with a modified version of the box art decal sheet paint scheme. I lengthened the chassis for a longer wheelbase, added external dual air cleaners, additional air horns and deck plating. I modified the cab to eliminate the optional step pockets and step ladders, going with the standard stirrups. I moved the headlamps farther down on the cab skin (when AMT developed the kit in '70/71, they molded the lamps too high up on the skin) by slicing off the lamp base, filling in the indentation, moving the lamp base down on the skin and carving in a new indented area. I also filled in the indented area for the grille nameplate/air cleaner intake with flat plastic, replacing the namplate with a decal. (air cleaner types and locations were optional on White-Freightliners). The slotted heater intakes on the lower right were opened from the back to add depth.

Thanks for looking!


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