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On the bench...............1968 Olds 442.........The Scamp project is dead.......*PICS*

I really messed up the back end of the Scamp. I should have glued the rear bumper and splash pan onto the Petty Dart body before I cut the whole thing off.

Instead I assembled the rear end onto the Scamp body piece by piece, only to notice one side was way higher that the other. I have a twisted Scamp body now, so back in the box it goes until I accumulate the required parts to fix it.

In the mean time I still want to build a drag car. I like building body styles you don't see very often.

Digging through my stash I came up with a glue bomb '68 442. Lots of sink marks from glue, and the chrome is gone from the front bumper. The rear bumper will be a really badly done resin piece. It's getting cut up for wheelie bars and chutes anyway so no biggie.

The chassis pan and lower cage from the Scamp fit the Olds body like a glove.

Here are a couple mock up pics:

I'm hoping to get it ti sit this low:

Thanks for looking

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