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Update on 21st Century Ford GTs PICs

I started out thinking I would build them all at the same time and all Le Mans race cars but after getting started I've made a few changes. The Tamiya kit and the AMT are both street cars and would take a lot of work to convert. Work that I'm not interest in doing. The AMT will just be a slammer with race decals and slick tires so I will be done first. The Tamiya is still in the thinking stage. Maybe a street car with decals honoring the 1966 Le Mans winner or who knows. The Simil R kit is going to be a lot more detailed. I want to take my time and do an extra special good job. The 2 Revell kits are going to be shelf models so they are moving along. Most all of the parts are painted so decaling and assembly will start soon.

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