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Summoning board memory for (gasp) diecast knowledge: 250 GTO Ferrari Bburago

At risk of reviving deceased equines, does anyone know or recall if there is a photoetched detail set for the Bburago Ferrari 250 GTO in 1/18?

Was digging thru the crypt and found my abandoned 1/18 GTO. Back then it was stripped it to bare zinc, seams filled, flash removed and body lacquered with Duplicolor in single-stage black. I even have the hand laced wire wheels for the build (automodelli?) that really make it stand out. But the build could use PE trim to complete the transformation.

I looked for a while but threw in the towel; Google now has so many entries that it is impossible to find anything on the subject (ironic, no?)

Thanks, if you are bashful about posting on a verboten subject, hit me OTB.

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