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Like kit or not, I'm baaaaaaack !!! Thought of you guys. Drove from N.W. ILL. to Plattsburgh, N.Y.(oldest granddaughter) for a visit. Roudtrip? 2138.1 miles and, yes, this old fart drove the 2138.1 miles !! Went through parts of Canada via parts of Mich. John K.? Saw

all kinds of neat looking trucks. Then, saw the remnants of a car/ rat rod show at a mall parking lot. Four or five '57 Cheby's, A GORGEOUS '46/'47/'48 Cheby Coupe, white top, maroon bottom, a '55 or'56 Plymouth, the year of the big "fins', a '47 Cheby S/D, and a couple of rat rod '53 Ford P/U's. Everybody else was long gone !! One of the mall workers said there was roughly 25/30 vehicles.

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