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Thanks! That was a '66 Nova kit I was not aware of. Grumpy's Toy and an AWB one were all I knew of, but a search in Tom's list here had some (although a "66 Chevy Nova" search had a '63 Impala SS above it in the listings?) and I picked up a couple for an idea I have. It

will probably never happen, but Tom had them for such a good price I could not resist. I have sometimes wondered what an Oldsmobile version of GM's '92+ Camaros and Firebirds would have looked like... Hmmm? Maybe an Aurora or Intrigue sport coupe? If I buzzed off the tiny bolt heads at the rim of those wheels I think they would make a nice stock performance look variant of the Aurora wheels for it.

I have promos of those two Olds plus Camaro and Firebird kits that might be "bashable"? I already plan to try and build a replica of a '97 Firebird Formula WS6 Ram Air I had back in the day and if I built a Camaro and a phantom Olds on that same platform I think it could make an interesting display.

Oh, in looking back at Tom's model '63 Chevy Impala SS listing it did have 66, Chevy, and Nova in the descriptive text in a list of Craftsman kits, which explains its coming up in my search of his listings for a 66 Chevy Nova.

Just a side note: There was a red '66 Nova that ruled the roost in my small hometown in the mid and late '60s in the 1/4 mile we had marked off on a seldom used rural road for "contests of speed" as the local law called them, LOL. I never knew just what he had done but whatever it was made it brutally quick!

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