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Then there is your problem right there.

The there is no way that it should cost Close to ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS, to adequately restore a good quality, 49 year old,Work truck, with production numbers in the 100 of thousands.The 1/1 Classic Car hobby is out of control. With editorials calling in print to buy stock vehicles from museums to chop 'n' channel, in order for one more Dime A Dozen Street Rod to be built, to the Overblown and (VERY) expensive foolishness the is the AMBR, ("Checkbook Hotrodding" at it's Finest), the whole scene is going to blow up in the most spectacular fashion in the next 25 years. Frankly look at the age of the guys who lead this overpriced idiocy? The vast number are trying to recapture a now 50 to 60year old youth, when the Muscle Cars that are the pinnacle of collecting (and fantasizing) were new. The Money is going to run out, someday. With the exception of the much derided "Rat Rod Movement", when I go to the March Meets or Hot Rod Reunion, the average age of Car Owners is about 65-70. I see more cars for sale, but at prices that are truly wishful thinking. The Guys who want the cars can seldom afford them. The Guys who can afford them, seem not to be buying.
I look forward to watching the last two Boomers (age 100+) bidding on the last Stock '32 Ford in the world, because THIS Time the Rod they have built will be Different, than all the other Deuce Rods, ever built.
(BTW, a friend deep in the bowels of the California DMV, confirmed that there are almost as many '32 Fords registered in Cali, as Ole Henry built in 1932. So somebody is driving a replica Rod)

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