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Great models and the videographer zoomed slowly enough that nearly all were in focus! I was not crazy about the overlapping diamonds transitions between every subject though, nor the single angle view of each when it was a video. Doing a roll view on Fotki would give you

the same info in a format where you can stop any pic you like or fast roll through any that do not interest you. If one is making a video they should at least pan slowly around the subject some for the 3-dimensional appreciation that still pics cannot convey as well. I know the fade or slide or emerging in some pattern from one subject to the next is real artsy, but drags out the time it takes to view and at least to me becomes tiresome after a while.

Which does NOT mean I do not appreciate the videos of model cars shows. I love 'em, but I wish they would just sweep the field including as many as possible at a pace that allows time for the focusing to remain crisp, get close enough to see detail, and at a low enough angle to see more than just the birds' eye (hood, roof, and deck) view like some do. Just my two cents observation on model show videos, your opinions will probably vary to at least some extent. What do you guys think?

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