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I'm sorta working on a replica of "Bomb", one of the few M-4 Sherman tanks that came home from WWII. FWIW, "Bomb" is still owned and maintained by it's original user - The Sherbrooke Rifles (Fusiliers) now known as the Sherbrooke Hussars.

She came ashore on D-Day at Juno Beach in the second or third wave and never missed a day of action till VE Day.

She even participated in the Battle of Villers Bocage among many others. That battle saw the death of the German SS panzer ace, Micheal Whitmann. It has been proved that the Sherbrookes are responsible for his death not that they knew it at the time. Odds are it was one of the handful of the Sherman Fireflys assigned to them that knocked him out.

FWIW, I also have the kit and the plans to build a replica of "Blitz", one the Fireflys assigned to the Sherbrookes.

Lastly, I also have a kit of the MOWAG AVGP Piranha that the Sherbrookes used in the '80s when two of my friends signed up as Troopers.


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